Kad has come a long way since his humble beginnings in the sleepy town of Mazamet, south-west France. Having taught himself piano and after a brief stint at the music conservatory in Toulouse, Kad has embarked on a journey that has taken him around the world via his ancestral roots in Algeria, to Barcelona, Paris and finally London.

He began to compose his own material in 1998 and had his first release in 2000. Kad quickly gained a reputation on the London scene, not just as a talented musician but also as a composer and producer - with his own mini studio in his small west London apartment. He was commissioned by various labels, including Palm Pictures, to de remixing work, production and writing.

A crucial break came for Kad through his friendship with Natacha Atlas, who had asked him to write three songs for her latest album. When he showed up in Athens in September 2001 to assist with the arrangements of his compositions, he was quick to use the opportunity to record his own debut album. ‘Liberté' was released internationally in 2002 to both critical and commercial acclaim. The 11 compositions displayed Kad's musical heritage, both from his Mediterranean roots and his experience of Europe's diverse, cosmopolitan music scene.

Since then, Kad has continued to write, compose, remix and produce. He released a second album, "Societé" in 2004, and is currently writing a film score for Iraqi film "Son Of Babylon", as well as library music and music for a games company. He is also recording his new, third solo album, "Lettre A Marianne".