Joao Sobral

Joao Sobral

Born in Sobral, Ceará, on August 17, 1981, came to St. Paul with his parents and siblings still a child.

Already early, awakened the ear and a love for music and dedicated to guitar studies. Studied folk guitar at the Free School of Music of São Paulo (ULM) and other great masters such as Filo Machado, Chico Abreu, Madam, Vinicius Nery.

The constant evolution of his technique and taste for poetry developed its own language very talented, inspired by artists like Belchior, Filo Machado, Jorge Ben, Joao Bosco and many others.

Besides being a musician, is the sound designer and roadie working with professionalism and dedication bands, studios and nightclubs 
that passed.

Currently still working as a roadie, sound and making soundtracks for television, theater and circus.