Cristobal And The Sea

Cristobal And The Sea

Cristobal and the Sea are Alejandro Romero, João Seixas, Leila Séguin and Josh Oldershaw.

Ale, João & Leïla all met at Loughborough University whilst studying architecture, philosophy and international studies respectively. Ale, originally from Spain and João, from Portugal were acquaintances at college in Luxembourg, becoming friends in the UK in 2011. Here they met their muse and fellow bandmate, Leïla, and spent the year discovering each other musically and personally, witnessing an unusually intimate and like-minded connection.

They duly turned 1 of their 2 student digs rooms into a music studio and spent every free hour jamming, writing, recording and developing their very unique style and sound. When they set up house in London at the end of 2013 they met talented Brit drummer Josh, and the band were complete.

Fresh out of the the studio with trendy Brooklyn producer, Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Black Dice, Panda Bear etc), their debut “Dream EP” is released by City Slang in the autumn (date tbc). They describe their music as tropicalia-dream-pop, and you can totally hear what they mean. There are notes of their southern, mediterranean culture that seep into all their songs, a Brazilian bossa feel coming from João’s guitar style and a hipster Brooklyn vibe they have picked up from the bands whose music they dig.

As you listen you can appreciate the range of influences, from Animal Collective to Beach House (with a nod to the Beach Boys’ vocal harmonising), from Fleet Foxes to Vampire Weekend and from Jobim to Gainsbourg.

Young, enormously gifted, beautifully boho, hugely charismatic and incredibly laid back, they are devouring life as only the young and carefree know how.