Eamon McGrath

Eamon McGrath

Eamon McGrath is a folk music and punk rock musician from Edmonton, Alberta and currently based in Toronto. On his own, his live performances are most often folk-oriented, where McGrath plays songs from his discography on acoustic instruments, but with a band the live show takes on a much more high-energy, punk rock influenced vein.

McGrath records primarily on his own at his home in Toronto and releases albums independently in Canada and through a number of record labels, including Canada's White Whale Records who signed McGrath at the tail end of 2008. 2008 also saw McGrath begin a rigid touring schedule which continued throughout 2010.

Young Canadians was released on April 10, 2012. The record is produced by David Carswell and John Collins of The Evaporators.

McGrath performed at Sackville, NB's Sappyfest 7 with Chris Thompson, Julie Doiron and Mark Gaudet of Eric's Trip playing songs from Young Canadians. McGrath also occasionally collaborates with Doiron and members of the Cancer Bats featuring newer, louder renditions of Doiron's songs.

McGrath released the all-acoustic recording Pegasus independently online in January 2013.Exile, the follow-up to Young Canadians, will be released in the form of three separate digital EPs over the course of nine months, concluding with a full LP in 2014. Exile - Part One was released on October 5th, 2013 and the second instalment is due to be released the secondweek of March, 2014.