Gazelle Twin

Gazelle Twin

05 July, 2016


The Blue-Hoody 'UNFLESH' chapter of D6 artist Gazelle Twin (Elizabeth Bernholz) culminates in this remix LP FLESHED OUT - with autopsied and re-animated tracks by 10 exceptional producers in a double-gatefold vinyl package, released on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray and Last Gang Records on 29 July 2016. 

Remixes by Perc, Carter Tutti, Blanck Mass, Dave Clarke, Wrangler, Zamilska, Vanishing, I Speak Machine, Lone Taxidermist, and Don't Look.

In 2014 Gazelle Twin released her second album, Unflesh, to great critical acclaim. Watch the video to Anti-Body here.


Harper on Bowie

Harper on Bowie

January 12, 2016

"When I first met David he was performing mime. In that respect he never changed. His life was one long brilliant mime. His various personas were the equal and musical equivalent of his favourite, Marcel Marceau. He mimed many of his contemporaries without really ever copying them. His particular genius was to see an attitude, feel an inspiration, delivery or emotion in someone and be able to replicate and transgress that in an often superlative way of his own, which could not only give added insight to that source, but often lend it a satirical edge, a playful touch or an irony.

Back in the day, he sold me a pair of Tibetan boots he’d got from a monk. He was more broke than me, and I gave him a ten bob note for them. He was gigging with just an ageing Grundig tape recorder at the time. The boots were really uncomfortable. The soles were made of wood and didn’t bend. They only lasted for a couple of years. Wish I still had them. Wish we both still had those gigs to do."

Goodbye and go well, David Bowie, giant of giants. (D6)

Feder arrives on UK shores

Feder arrives on UK shores

September 8, 2015

District 6 France signing Hadrien Federiconi, now widely known across Europe simply as Feder after storming to the top of the charts in 17 countries with his massive chill-step / dance tune, "Goodbye" featuring the sultrily spoken vocals of Lyse, has finally arrived on the shores of the UK.

"Goodbye", initially a runaway viral hit in Russia, then snapped up by Time Music and Warners worldwide, has completely captured the European cultural zeitgeist, becoming one of the biggest airplay hits this year - from Paris to Prague, Ibiza to Instanbul, Berlin to Barcelona - and it is set to make a star of the young Parisian DJ and artist, following a long line of french DJs to make it on the international stage.

Atlantic UK are getting behind the release in the UK and it has already been playlisted by Radio 1 (C list this week).

Watch the official video here.

An impressive remix package has been put together by the label, including Syn Cole, Alex Schulz, Vijay & Sofia Zlatko & Wolfskind.

Criolo invokes his inner Buddha

Criolo invokes his inner Buddha

November 17, 2014

Convoque Seu Buda is the new album by Brazil's urban soul poet, Criolo. 

According to arguably Brazil's most important musical figure of all time, Caetano Veloso, Criolo is now the most important of all of Brazil's current musical ambassadors. High praise.

Criolo first burst on the the international scene in 2011 with his effortlessly accomplished and critially lauded debut album, "No Na Orelha". On a brief European tour that same year he demonstrated the force he is on stage also, and thus set the scene for this, his second, follow up album.

Once again classic sambas and strong melodies sit alongside gritty, urban rap, sometimes separately, sometimes together,  and it is all underpinned by the subtle yet powerful social comment on the state of Brazil, the powers that be, the underclass, workers, street children and drug addicts. It is a late but worthy candidate for album of the year.

The big man will be touring Europe briefly in January, and our advice to you is DO NOT MISS him. You have been warned. The Dates are 21/01 - Glasgow, ABC (UK); 22/01 - London, Village Underground (UK); 24/01 - Berlin, Gretchen (GER); 27/01 - Amsterdam, Bitterzoet (NL); 28/01 - Gent, De Centrale (BEL); 29/01 - Paris, Alhambra (FR).

Puma choose Pepe Deluxe

Puma choose Pepe Deluxe

September 23, 2014

Puma have chosen a song by Pepe Deluxe from the Brighton based Catskills label, worldwide admin courtesy of District 6 Music Publishing, for their new worldwide advertising campaign. 

The campaign, titled Forever Faster features fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt and a host of other sporting celebrities in a humorous, fast-paced film. 

Puma describe their mission thus - (We aim) to be the fastest sports brand in the world. Through endless pursuit to push the sports world forward, we are Forever Faster. Not fast. Faster. Faster is more determined. It trusts its instincts, not the rules. It’s brave. It’s confident. Faster reminds the world what it means to play. Then wins it all, breaks records, breaks them again, and takes a victory lap.

We feel this perfectly describes District 6.

City Slang sign Cristobal & The Sea

City Slang sign Cristobal & The Sea

06 June 2014

We are very excited (yup, we're always excited) to announce that Cristobal & The Sea have signed a record deal with the Berlin based zeitgeist label, City Slang, home to artists such as Arcade Fire, Magic Numbers, Calexico, Tindersticks, Port O'Brien, Alexi Murdoch & many others. With Cristobal's very european connection, the pan-european label is somehow a perfect home for the band.

The week of 9 June will see the band recording their first official EP in London's Strongrooms, to be produced and mixed by Brooklyn based Rusty Santos, renowned maverick indie producer of such luminary acts as Animal Collective (their breakthrough, critically lauded album "Sun Tongs"), Grizzly Bear, Black Dice and Owen Pallet, to name a few.

At the end of the week Cristobal will be performing at The Paradise in Kensal Rise, fresh out of the studio, on stage at 9.15, Sunday 15 June, be sure to catch what will be their first (and quite possbly last before the summer holidays) London show in a couple of months, it is going to be a very special set. 

It may very well also be their last free show, so see you there !




Sterns Music worldwide admin deal

Sterns Music worldwide admin deal

May 23, 2014

We're excited to announce a worldwide admin deal with the pioneering world music label and publisher, Sterns Music, bringing one of the very finest back catalogues, both publishing and masters, of African and Brazilian music into the D6 fold.

Sterns, initially Sterns African Records, was at the vanguard of the 1980s world music explosion, releasing Salif Keïta's seminal album "Soro" and going on to bring a multitude of African artists to western ears - Youssou N'Dour's Etoile de Dakar, Orchestra Baobab, Ghana's Super Sweet Talks, Senegalese salseros Africando, Congolese super group Kékélé, Mali's immense griote diva Kandia Kouyate - the list goes on and on. And on.

When the new wave of Brazilian artists began to make waves in Europe, it was again Sterns who were amongst the first to blaze the trail, mostly via their relationship with the forward looking, futuristic São Paolo label, YBrasil. Unfamiliar artists and bands such as Rica Amabis, Instituto, Sabotage, DJ Dolores, Anvil FX, a revamped, hard-hitting, post Chico Science Naçao Zumbi, and more latterly São Paolo star Criolo (click here for his latest video).

This is fantastic music for a myriad of licensing opportunities, particularly TV and film but also commercials and online. As we head into the World Cup, and soon enough the Olympic games in Rio, Brazilian music is not unsurprisingly capturing the cultural zeitgeist. 

You can grab a flavour of these exceptional catalogues on spotify - Africa and Brazil.