About District 6

District 6 Music Publishing is an independent music publishing company established in 2007 and based in London, co-owned and run by Directors Paul Vials and Ed Ashcroft who between them share some 50 years of combined wisdom and experience in the music industry, from label management, a&r and publishing, production and distribution to marketing, promotion, booking & touring.

Our discerning catalogue of almost 30,000 compositions and some 2000 leading composers, producers and artists across a diverse range of genres includes UK folk legend Roy Harper, US hip- hop super-producer Just Blaze, original Black Sabbath member Geezer Butler plus Murcof, Dwele, James Curd, John Foxx and Harold Budd.

We have a French sister company based in Paris (District 6 France) signing and developing local writers and artists, including last year's biggest number 1 hit, "Goodbye" by Feder, and allowing reciprocal collection agreements with each other. Worldwide we work with a like-minded network of dedicated independent sub-publishers and specialist synchronisation agencies.


We continually strive to set the highest standard in contemporary music publishing and administration and offer a complete and efficient range of publishing, sub-publishing and international administration agreements, yet retain all of the advantages of a totally independent publisher.

As independent publishers, we are able to be completely flexible and respond to the needs of today's writers. Our simple administration agreements offer all the advantages of publishing and co- publishing arrangements without our writers having to surrender their artistic rights.

We aim to build transparent and trusting partnerships with our writers and to give them the personal attention that they deserve, a service that major publishing companies and even the larger independent publishers are simply unable to offer.

* Diligent copyright administration
* Fast and efficient royalty collection & accounting
* Excellent worldwide representation
* Professional A&R and song plugging
* Dedicated copyright exploitation
* Marketing and Promotion

Royalty Collection & Administration

Over and above anything else, we attach great importance to the efficient collection of royalties for our songwriters and publishers. At District 6, our job is to know where, when and by whom, song titles have been released and performed. Our system allows us to proactively claim all revenue accrued, uncollected and / or underpaid, and to account all royalties in a quick, efficient and transparent manner.


All our copyrights are properly represented overseas by some of the best independent music publishers around. Maintaining constant and strong communication with our colleagues around the world on both a creative and administrative basis is how we keep on top of our writers publishing needs across the globe.

In addition to our own catalogue, the company also administers a growing number of third party music publishing catalogues.

Marketing, Promotion & Exploitation of Copyrights

Alongside the more traditional publishing roles of promotion and song plugging, District 6 is also extremely active in the area of audio-visual synchronization, ensuring that as much as possible we are actively marketing our writers' music to all media, working hard to place our clients’ songs with feature films, television programmes, advertisements and computer games each year.

We are committed to working with our writers creatively in all areas, and are very active in seeking open writing projects and interesting and beneficial writing collaborations for our writers, not just in the UK but in continental Europe, the US and the Far East.

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient publisher that takes pride in offering a first class representation, pro-active copyright exploitation and excellent customer-client liaison, then join the good ship District 6.